FAN Courier Expands Its Warehouse near Bucharest with EUR 8.5 Million

FAN Courier will invest EUR 8.5 million to expand its current warehouse situated in Ștefăneștii de Jos near Bucharest.

According to one of the company’s shareholders, Adrian Mihai, the expansion works will be completed next year.

The new plot purchased by FAN Courier, of approximately 60,000 square metres, is situated in second plan and will increase the total area of the logistics hub in Stefăneștii de Jos up to more than 100,000 square metres upon the completion of the investment. The storage capacity will thus be of 22,000 square metres (8,000 sqm currently plus 14,000 sqm new warehouse).

The investment is estimated by FAN Courier to nearly EUR 7 million for the warehouse with two sorting lines, to be added to the nearly EUR 1.5 million, the investment in the plot of land.
According to the company’s representative, the project will be completed in one year.

The new warehouse will support the company’s growth estimated for the next years, mainly due to the expanding of the e-commerce in Romania, as in the present the current warehouse is used at its maximum capacity.

The courier plans to open a new warehouse outside Bucharest, following the one opened in Brasov in 2016, but no decision was taken yet.

FAN Courier is a Romanian company founded in 1998 by Adrian Mihai, Neculai Mihai and Felix Pătrășcanu.

The company serves more than 40,000 clients with a fleet of more than 3,200 cars. (source: