The warehouses complex is located in the NE area of Bucharest, between National Road no.2 and
National Road no.3, with direct access from the Ring Road.

Complexul de depozite este situat in zona de NE a capitalei, intre DN 2 Bucuresti-Urziceni si
DN 3 Bucuresti-Calarasi avand acces direct din Soseaua de Centura.


* 10 m useful storage height
* Cargo doors / loading docks
* Drive-in access door
* Electrostatic floor – maximum load 50KN/sqm
* ESFR sprinkler fire extinguishing and extinguishing system and hydrants
* The warehouse is equipped with a heating system
* Rooflights / smoke vents
* Car parking / TIR acces
* Furnished offices
* Property management is ensured
* 10 m inaltime utila depozit
* usi de acces marfa cu rampe egalizatoare
* usa de acces marfa drive-in
* pardoseala electrostatica – incarcare maxima 50KN/mp
* sistem de prevenire si stingere a incendiilor certificat sprinklere ESFR si hidranti
* depozitul este dotat cu sistem de incalzire
* luminatoare /trape de fum
* parcare auto / acces TIR
* birouri amenajate
* se asigura admistrarea proprietatii
For the moment all spaces within this project are occupied.
Momentan in cadrul acestui proiect nu sunt suprafete disponibile.